Experience the Power of Control in 3D

3D Controllers

Take Control in Three Dimensions

3D Controllers offer an ergonomic and intuitive means of interacting with digital content across the most widely used CAD and creative software applications. These controllers handle model positioning and command access, allowing traditional mouse input to focus on selection, editing, and creation. This cooperative work style not only feels comfortable, but also reduces mouse use and enhances productivity. Users of multiple 3D applications benefit from consistent navigation methods, minimising the need for adjustment between programs.

Stealth 3D Mouse

The Stealth Mouse is an ergonomic, high performance 3D hand controller proven to enhance productivity and comfort for users of the demanding 3D software applications. With 10 programmable buttons and 33 programmable functions, the user can have functions and macros right at the fingertips. Operating together with or without the traditional mouse, the Stealth 3D Mouse delivers an efficient and balanced way to work while reducing hand fatigue..