Stereoscopic 3D Display Technology

akili3D Technologies and Solutions focus on stereoscopic 3D visualisation, combined with professional workstation and data processing server technology, to deliver seamless and integrated workplace solutions for our clients.

What We Do

Unlock the Power of Data with Immersive Experiences

akili3D provides businesses with high-quality technology to efficiently work with and visualise complex 3D data with true spatial perception. By leveraging the latest innovative stereoscopic 3D display and workstation technology, we help clients unlock new data generation and analytical possibilities for many industries and professional applications.

Who We Are

Your Stereoscopic 3D Business Partner

akili3D is a dedicated stereoscopic 3D solutions provider, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our goal is to bring cutting-edge, professional 3D technologies to your business. As your key technology partner, we excel at transforming your visualisation and professional workstation requirements into optimised IT configurations, tailored to your specific needs and tasks.

Our team of experienced professionals combines in-depth technical expertise with a deep understanding of various industries. Whether you are in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS), architecture, engineering, mining, medical, or any other field that requires advanced 3D visualisation and computation, we have the product portfolio, skills and knowledge to help you stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Technology Partner of Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital specialises in the production and distribution of 4k/8k, 3D and VR/AR hardware. akili3D  is an authorised technology partner of Schneider Digital, bringing the innovative product portfolio to Southern Africa, including the 3D PluraView stereoscopic monitors.

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