The 3D PluraView monitors are ideal for all 3D stereo software applications in important areas such as;

  • For the medical field, for displaying CT, MRI and volumetric ultrasound scans in full colour, for team meetings, for preparing complex surgeries.
  • For the oil and gas and mining sectors to record and visualise complex underground structures and lithologies.
  • For users and producers of geodata working with GIS systems, processing aerial, satellite and UAV imagery, for terrestrial and airborne LiDAR surveys and for bathymetric surveys.
  • For the automotive sector, which requires professional hardware solutions for CAD and computer-generated imagery (CGI).
  • For the process, power and marine sector (PPM), for use in 3D simulation, design and setup of industrial plants, also for utility infrastructure and shipyards / marine vessels.
  • For architectural firms that translate complex designs into realistic, rendered 3D models and create detailed BIM studies.
  • For universities and research institutes, e.g. in the fields of molecular modelling, 4D fluid and VR simulations.

Stereoscopic software compatible with the 3D PluraView Monitor.

Download compatibility PDF

Download compatibility PDF

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The 3D PluraView monitor is designed for an optimal 3D stereo experience, for full-time professional use.

The 3D PluraView monitors are the key to perfect 3D stereo visualisation for all professional applications. The excellent brightness and contrast of the 3D PluraView dual monitor displays provide a clear and bright stereo image for the professional user, even under normal daylight office conditions. Compared to active 120 Hz single monitor displays, dual monitors provide twice the brightness as each stereo image is displayed on a separate monitor.

The 3D PluraView monitor series ensures perfect stereovisualisation that meets the highest requirements for 3D imaging, GIS, and virtual reality (VR).