3D Display Excellence

3D PluraView

Unique 3D stereo experience

Passive Stereoscopic 3D

The 3D PluraView is a high-quality, passive 3D stereo monitor designed for professional use in a variety of industries such as medical, geology, geospatial, architecture, engineering and more. The innovative and reliable PluraView beam-splitter technology is the basis for pixel-precise, stereoscopic 3D image displays, offering high-quality stereo viewing, which is essential for applications that require precise visualisation of 3D data.

The monitor has a resolution of up to 4K/UHD @ 10-bit in brilliant brightness and is available in various sizes, ranging from 22 to 28 inches. It can be used in single-screen or multi-screen configurations, and seamlessly integrates into existing 3D workflows.

Designed for 3D stereo professionals

The 3D PluraView monitor is designed for special use in a wide range of applications such as photogrammetry, GIS/Mapping, Lidar 3D, laser scanning, Geological modeling, archaeology, 3D city model visualisation, CAx, bio-technology and molecular chemistry. It is a plug & play system compatible with all major 3D stereo applications from leading software vendors.

Unique 3D-Stereo experience – Flicker free and high-resolution visualisation. 

The intuitive operation, but especially the high viewing comfort in 3D stereo, significantly improves the handling of complex data visualisations. The possibility of spatial viewing brings comfortable and at the same time innovative work in all 3D application areas. Working with the latest technology is not only of great benefit to companies, employees also profit from it. Tasks can be implemented faster and more precisely, which significantly increases user motivation as well as identification with the task area.


Download the stereoscopic software applications list compatible with the 3D PluraView.